The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This is our first blog and so wanted to start with information that is so important that potentially it could save a life !

Dismal Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates in the UK

Did you know that if you had a sudden cardiac arrest in the U.K you have a less than one in ten chance of surviving? There are more than 30,000 (out of hospital) cardiac arrests each year in the U.K where the emergency services attempt resuscitation. That’s a lot of people who lose their life because of a cardiac arrest.
Sadly, the U.K are lagging other European countries, Norway for example have a survival rate of 25%. You may wonder why – in a word ‘education.’ First Aid and Basic Life Support are taught as part of the national curriculum in schools in Norway. Children and adults alike are confident first aiders and able to readily assist a casualty that may have a life-threatening condition including performing CPR
The U.K government has now revealed plans to introduce First Aid within schools. This is long awaited
Embrace this change and we can create a nation of life savers!!
If you have not had any formal First Aid Training and you discover someone who is not breathing remember the following:

Call 999

Listen to the instructions given by the emergency operator.

If instructed start CPR – chest compressions should be hard and fast

 Life saving info !!!!